City break for the spring

city break

Craving for a city break this spring? If you are undecided about the destination to choose, here you have a few suggestions.


city break

The Netherlands is famous for its tulips in the spring, and for totally good reason. You can explore its countryside on bicycle to see and feel the smell of vast fields covered in a multitude of colored tulips. You can try wildlife-watching, by taking a mini-cruise around ­Amsterdam. It will give you the chance to spot dolphins, whales and birds.


city break

Vienna is romantic and captivating, offering the music of Mozart, a splendid architecture, gothic churches, arts, elegant Parisian-style boulevards and much more. It is a capital of Europe which deserves to be seen in the spring.


city break

Lisbon is continental Europe’s most western capital. Being located in warm climate, a spring city break to Lisbon is like traveling in time to early summer. Out of the city, in the neighboring towns Sintra and Cascais, you will find beautiful castles.


city break

This capital city is synonymous with classical music, elegance, sumptuous architecture. Put down the map and get lost on peculiar side streets. Be there in a spring morning and visit the city’s medieval center, which offers the widest collection of art nouveau buildings in the world. Riga is a concentration of intact medieval architecture, which dates back to the 12th century. These buildings contributed to Riga’s World Heritage status. This capital city was also the European Capital of Culture in 2014.


city break

Belgrade has a mosaic architecture, with Soviet structures sitting together with modern artistic masterpieces. The city has an outdoor lifestyle. During spring time, the rivers come to life with cruises. Savamala, the neighbourhood on the river close to the old town is the focal point for the city’s creatives. There you can find arts and performance spaces and the brand new “techno cathedral” called Drugstore, which is located in a former slaughterhouse. Don’t miss the legendary 20/44, a floating club.





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