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  • City break for the spring

    City break for the spring

    Craving for a city break this spring? If you are undecided about the destination to choose, here you have a few suggestions. Amsterdam The Netherlands is famous for its tulips in the spring, and for totally good reason. You can explore its countryside on bicycle to see and feel the smell of vast fields covered in […]

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  • Pick a beach for 2015

    Pick a beach for 2015

    After months of snow, low temperatures and wind, it is time to start thinking about the way you want to spend summer holiday. If the beach is what you dream about, you can choose from isolated to crowded, mountains surrounded or striking colored ones. Red Beach – Santorini, Greece This beautiful place was named the […]

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  • Beautiful islands of Europe

    Beautiful islands of Europe

    There are many beautiful islands and archipelagos in Europe. Some of them transform into a little paradise during summer, some are wild and waiting to be discovered. Madeira, Portugal This portuguese island located into the Atlantic Ocean has much to offer: mountains rich in vegetation, the network of levada walks, noisy waterfalls, walks into the […]

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  • Famous streets in Europe

    Famous streets in Europe

    Do you have a favorite famous street? It may be historic, idyllic, luxurious, green or shopping-friendly. There are many iconic European streets to explore, we chose a few for you. Champs-Élysées, France Cinemas, cafés, luxury shops, offices are part of the famous street in Paris. It runs from the Place de la Concorde to the Arc […]

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  • Medieval cities you must see

    Medieval cities you must see

    There are plenty of medieval cities in Europe, but only few of them are so well preserved as the following ones. Tallinn, Estonia Tallinn is the capital city of Estonia. Its historical and medieval center is located on a hill called Toompea. It is a very well preserved area, where you can see medieval houses and alleyways. […]

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  • Romantic getaways for Valentine’s Day

    Romantic getaways for Valentine’s Day

    The romantic celebration of love is approaching. There are just a few days left until Valentine’s Day. Here you have the most romantic cities from Europe where you can spend this special day together with your love. Venice, Italy Venice is considered the number one city for all true romantics, being a perfect destination for […]

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  • Amusement parks in Europe

    Amusement parks in Europe

    Amusement parks are the perfect destination for a weekend spent with your best friends. Here you can find some of the most popular amusement parks from Europe. Europa Park, Germany This amusement park has 12 mini-parks, each of them having a different European country as theme.  Europa Park has everything you can think of to […]

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  • Northern lights in Europe

    Northern lights in Europe

    Northern lights or the Aurora Borealis are a wonder which us, Europeans, are lucky to view from the continent. In the following lines you can see the main six places where you can watch them in Europe. For the experience to be complete, you can sleep at ice hotels, swim in hot springs and take a ride […]

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  • Places to see before they vanish

    Places to see before they vanish

    With all the climatic changes, our generation is lucky to still be able to see these places in Europe before they dissapear forever. Venice, Italy This well known ‘Floating City’ will soon become a sunken city. Venice has been sinking with around 120 mm during the last century. Another threat is the sea level which […]

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  • Flying fun facts

    Flying fun facts

    Flying makes some of us enthusiastic, some anxious or impatient. Take your mind above the clouds and give yourself a few fun facts to think about. Have a safe flight! Food tastes different on an airplane.  Before taking off, the atmosphere inside a plane is drying out our noses. As the plane gains altitude, the air […]

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