Amusement parks in Europe

amusement park

Amusement parks are the perfect destination for a weekend spent with your best friends. Here you can find some of the most popular amusement parks from Europe.

Europa Park, Germany
amusement park
This amusement park has 12 mini-parks, each of them having a different European country as theme.  Europa Park has everything you can think of to entertain you. You can find there carnivals, circurses, adventure sports and also dances or duels.

Port Aventura, Spain
amusement park
Port Aventura is an amusement park which is divided into five smaller parks, based on the theme of 5 countries: China, Mexico, the Mediterranean, Polynesia and the Far West. It offers a wide range of water adventures in their Aqua Park. One of their newest attractions is Hurakan Condor ride. It is composed of a 85 meters free fall with leaning seats, which will make you feel as if you are really falling out. This amusement park has 30 rides, so everyone can choose what they like.

Disneyland Paris, France
Disneyland Paris almost doesn’t need any description. It is a gigantic amusement park, having two theme parks. The other attractions are resort hotels,  food complex, shopping and entertainment options, a golf course. Amusements range from youngster-friendly fantasy lands to children and older people amusement options.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach, UK
amusement park
This amusement park is one of the most visited amusement parks in United Kingdom. Its attractions include “Hot Ice”, which is a show based on ice dance. It also has amazing rollercoaster rides. One of them is “Infusion”, which is the first suspended looping coaster. If you are looking for blind adventures, “Valhalla” is the one. It hurtles its riders through pitch dark at high speeds. This will surely thrill you to the very core.

Efteling, Netherlands
amusement park
This is the largest theme park in the Netherlands. It is located in natural, forest surroundings.  It is divided into 4 kingdoms: Travel kingdom, Fairy kingdom, Rough kingdom, and Differ kingdom. The fairy tale forest is designed to arouse your imagination. Its sections include rollercoasters, water rides, haunted houses and magic carpets.


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