Travel apps for 2015

travel apps

Having useful travel apps when you organize a 2015 trip with your Erasmus friends will save you much time. The following travel apps are tailored to help you plan an adventure, sort out transportation in a new place, be updated about weather and currency, find the best places to eat and drink.


The Skype app is valuable mostly when traveling in a city or country where you can find wi-fi almost everywhere. It is the cheaper alternative to expensive international calls.


Although you need wi-fi connection for using this travel app, Uber is very useful for navigating a country where transportation options are not to be trusted.


Pinterest is now offering the option to search locations, see photos and articles posted by other users. There are also city boards with pins being mapped out. Pinterest can be very useful when planning an itinerary in advance.


On Kamino you can read about tips from local people regarding places you should visit. The content is including photos and maps.


Trover app is similar to Instagram. It allows you to browse through different places, like users photos, save lists and it also saves the photos you have liked. This travel app lets you say where the photo was taken, even if you are not close to that location.


Airbnb is an accommodation platform. By using this travel app you can book a person’s private house. This way you can find accomodation in more than 34.000 cities all over the world.

Packing Pro

Through this packing app you are able to access your packing list and export it. You can even add details about the weight of each item, the value and who is goint to carry it.


If you are struggling with jet lag, this travel app is for you. This trip is adjusting to low light or bright light in advance. Instead of being hit by the time zone adjustment, you can ease your way in and avoid the shock produced by lack of sleep.


TripIt has just announced a partnership with Google, adding an option to automatically sync your e-mailed itineraries with your TripIt organizer. It is the most recommended travel app for busy traveler. If you didn’t synchronize it yet, you can put your itinerary in it by manually inserting it or just forwarding a PDF from your travel bookings. It will keep track of it all for you.


Wikihood is organizing and displaying all the Wikipedia information for any place in the world. It lists all the historical buildings, famous places, the public transit, bars and restaurants or parks which can be sorted by distance, relevance and ratings.


With this travel app you can call for free your Facebook friends over 3G and wi-fi. It is user-friendly because you don’t have to add new contacts or remember your contacts name and phone number.


Yelp is actually a database of restaurants, bars, gas stations. The content is added by the users. You can add photos, write tips, make and browse reviews.

Xe Currency

When traveling abroad, this app will always come in handy. You don’t need wi-fi connection to check the currency rates if you have added them before to your list.


Locateur is a website and travel app which is focusing on local experiences. It is about destinations recommended by people living in that specific city you want to visit. Each contributor has a profile, explaining their interests.


On Packpoint you can choose the type of trip you want to take. It allows you to select the destination, the dates of travel and length of stay. It’s telling you the weather forecast and preparing a packing list, based on the chosen criteria.

Enjoy 2015 and go on many trips!

travel apps

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