Signs that you are an explorer

You are inspired by the unknown

You chose to come to your Erasmus, finding yourself surrounded by unknown faces and unfamiliar scenery. You find this state as one of the most exciting experiences. The adrenaline rush you get cannot be compared with anything else.

You know how to say ‘Hello’ in ten different languages  

You have learned this during your Erasmus; or maybe during your wandering trips you took all over Europe meeting people who deserve to be discovered. Anywhere you go, you end up surrounded by international people who are just like you.

You feel comfortable getting lost 

You can’t imagine life without exploring and enjoying random walks in new places. You are fascinated about the local culture and diversity. Letting yourself be with nothing but the world around is a feeling of happiness for you.

You go for the local food 

When it comes to food, your motto is never say never. Enjoying local food after a long day spent exploring can be a fulfilling reward.

It is not about the destination, but about the journey

If you truly are an explorer, you know that you can lose and find yourself and discover amazing things in between two places. More often, the journey is offering a richer experience than the destination. Go in that road trip you are planning with your friends!




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