Packing your trip efficiently

Efficient way

Packing can sometimes give us headaches. Here you have a guide of 4 simple steps for an efficient way of packing for your trip.

Check weather. It is much easier to choose which clothes to take with you if you have an idea about how the weather is going to be like during your trip. You should also go over your itinerary. For an efficient way of packing you must first know for what kind of weather are you preparing.

Have a daily plan for dressing. Wearing layers and packing in layers. You clothes should belong to many layers, which will help you adapt to any climate and weather. After you decide on your clothes, it is time to match the shoes. Choose comfortable shoes which will not hurt your feet after several hours of walking. If possible, don’t take shoes which you are wearing for the first time.

Roll instead of folding. Folded clothes are less likely to wrinkle, but take up more space. Rolled clothes are more likely wrinkle, but take up less space. Good news is that wool and cotton can be rolled with no worries, as long as the roll is tight. Loose rolling will give wrinkles to your clothes, no matter which is their material. This photo will show you more exactly the big difference in space required for both packing procedures:

efficient way of packing


Use a compression bag. For sure you will want to bring home souvenirs from your trip and you don’t want to realize there is no room for them in the last day of your journey. Packing with a compressing bag is the solution, because it can lower the volume of the content up to 80 percent.

We hope this article was useful for your needs and next time you will be packing more efficiently. So, the only thing left now is to prepare your trip.


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Packing: folding or rolling?



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