How to plan your road trip

Road trip

Do you prefer planning everything in detail or you’re more like the spontaneous kind? Even if you lean toward adventure, there are some aspects you should take into account before being on the road.
In the following lines we give you some advices on how to plan your road trip.

Start your journey very early. This is the efficient way to avoid a road with too many cars which can slow you down. Another alternative is starting your journey in the evening, so by the time roads are getting crowded you can arrive at the destination. Beside this, it is lovely to see the sunset or the sun rising while being on the road with your best friends.

Download travel apps. You can find a variety of travel applications which will make sure you don’t get lost, stuck in a traffic jam and will keep you updated about weather and other useful information.

Prepare good music. Good music is a must! Since you are going to spend so much time in the car, be sure you have a great playlist prepared. Carry along songs which are suitable for every mood. And why not sing out loud the songs with your friends? Keep yourselves entertained!

Take your camera. Regardless your destination, you will definitely create lots of memories during your road trip. Make sure your camera is charged and you have the possibility to recharge it or take a spare battery with you.

Pack food. Be sure to pack fruits, nuts and chocolate. You can also pack for a picnic lunch. It is such a fulfilling feeling to eat together with friends. Water bottles and soft drinks will come in handy when you will be in an area with limited drinking and eating options.

Wear comfortable clothes. A road trip is the time to wear comfortable shoes and clothes. Besides, blankets will make you and your mates comfortable if not agreeing on the same temperature setting.

Prepare your car. Make sure your car is in good condition. You don’t want it to break down on you in the middle of nowhere. This can be a good reason to laugh about after that, but for the moment it will ruin your good mood and take you to despair.

Use solar protection. Tan can be attractive, but not a sunburnt skin. You can easily get sunburnt through the windows of your car in summer time. Sunglasses are also not to be forgotten, especially if you are the one driving.

Limit phone calls. Road trips are about being free and wild and spending valuable time with your trip mates. Try to limit phone calls with the outside world and for sure you will live a more veritable experience on the road.

Plan, but be flexible. Anyway, road trips are about spending time with your friends and not so much about the destination. Depending on how spontaneous you are, you can choose how much of the trip to plan. Just make sure you allow time for unexpected stops along the way, which will add fun to the trip.

Take the scenic route and enjoy the thrill of discovery!

Road trip

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