Hello Erasmus friends! Find out who we are


Welcome to Poland!

Hi! This page is made by students and a few post-Erasmus students. We want to help you: the Erasmus people who live here, in Poland.


On our website you will find the tours we organize in the near future. We work with a travel agency and we have the cheapest deals especially for you.
Book a flight if you’re flying home or on trips, there are also bus connections from city to city. And take part on our trips!

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]You have to go there and take part in Erasmus and international life here in Poland[/quote]

Go on the unforgettable and life-changing experience of Erasmus! Why? Because you will develop amazing connections. You will grow, expand your horizons and you will be on your own. There will be no regular or boring day, you will not know the meaning of the word routine. You will have a limited amount of time, but you will make the best out of it. In Erasmus you will travel more than you did before in your life.

[quote align=”center” color=””#999999″]In Erasmus we are speaking 3 different languages in the same conversation[/quote]

We encourage you to travel. Open your heart and mind to the world out there. Go to new places, meet new people and explore! Traveling will expand your awareness and introduce you to diversity. It will offer you first-time experiences which will reveal to yourself the true you. You will get lost and overcome the fear of unknown. And it will only make you wish to go away again…

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]I traveled more in my Erasmus year than before in all my life[/quote]

Once you got it, the Erasmus spirit will accompany you all of your life. Right after your Erasmus, you will realise your life will never be the same again.

[quote align=””center” color=”#999999″]Both Erasmus and travel bug bite me during my Erasmus[/quote]

If you have a question, just write us – and we are going to write you back 🙂






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