Clubbing in Central Europe

Looking for the hottest clubs in Central Europe? We made a selection for you. These clubs have explosive parties, the best DJs and forever party atmosphere.

Cross Club, Prague


Cross Club is located near the center of Prague. It has high quality sound, interesting events and the right audience. Its design and decoration has a dominant steampunk influence. Its decorations consist of waste metal, wood and ceramic. The main room and the wall light situated behind the DJ booth make the club even more amazing.

Mecca Club, Prague


Mecca is Prague’s house of house music. Focusing on bringing the best DJs in the world and organizing explosive parties, it has built a very good reputation.

Berghain Panorama Bar, Berlin


What makes it special is that they don’t allow phones inside. Other things which make the club amazing are the famous DJs paying, the clean sound and the beautiful atmosphere.

Club Tresor, Berlin


Many international and national DJs who are playing techno had a strong impact and powerful influence on what Tresor Club represents today for the electronic music movement around the globe.

Auslage, Vienna


Auslage is built for dancing, it is loud and dark and recently has opened a new floor, having one room for techno and one for house. The entrance and drinks prices are not high and there is enough space for more than 300 people inside.

Sass Music Club, Vienna


This club has a good reputation for high quality of cocktails made with fresh ingredients. From Thursday till Saturday good DJs are spinning music out of one of the best sound systems in the city. Most of the music played is electronic. It has an intimate atmosphere animated by dancing people.

Club Studio, Budapest


It is one of the largest clubs in Budapest and is located on Sziget island. The main musical genres played are dance, house and techno. The club has plasma screens and is animated by professional dancers. There are also a few balconies, from where you have a good overview. Besides this, it has fantastic light shows.

Club A38, Budapest


Did you ever think about partying on an old Ukrainian stone-carrier? The renovated boat became the A38 Club. It offers a lot of different international well known artists, as well as the best DJs in the world.


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