3 tips to enrich your Erasmus experience


Are you now preparing for your Erasmus exchange? Or maybe you are living this amazing experience while reading these lines? Whatever the case, the next 3 tips can be consiered basic things to check for the experience of a lifetime.


Travel as much as possible  

There is no better time to travel than during your Erasmus. Wishing to understand your adoptive country better or just to wander? Take a tour of the main cities and go to the countryside to meet tradition and simplicity. Explore beyond touristic attractions and travel like a local. Do you have in mind a few places you always wanted to see? Some plane tickets could be more affordable from your adoptive country. Travel more!

Live in a student house

Finding a place to rent can be tricky even in your country. This can become a bigger challenge when you’re moving abroad and your information might be limited. Usually universities are offering accomodation for Erasmus students, so it is an option to take into consideration.

What is amazing about student houses is the different people they bring together. You will have the opportunity to make a lot of friends from all over Europe and maybe all over the world while partying in Erasmus style or just having dinner together.

Learn basic phrases in the local language 

It doesn’t matter if everyone speaks English in the city of your Erasmus. Even if they don’t, there is always the body language which can save you. Some universities offer language courses for exchange students or you can anytime ask local students to teach you. Knowing some basic phrases in the local language will make you feel more comfortable and help you in daily activities.

But you know it’s not only about that. Nothing compares with the smile and kindness of a local person. You will receive appreciation for the effort of trying, it doesn’t matter if your accent or pronunciation are totally wrong.

Once Erasmus, forever Erasmus! 🙂




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